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Merchandise and Retail Items

Only available at NEO KING X SPADINA.


The "Agehama method of salt production" has been handed down for more than 500 years in Suzu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and is recognized as a nationally designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset.

Salt is known as an auspicious gift in Japan. This is because it is meant to purify the body and ward off evil spirits in the house. The carefully selected salt, which can only be obtained from a limited area, can be used as a gift or as an accent to your cooking at home.

Yawataya Isogoro

It is said that chili peppers were first introduced to Japan in 1952. Yawataya Isogoro offers a wide variety of spices made with the finest ingredients and preparations.

The ingredients are all produced from chili peppers grown in Nagano Prefecture, which is rich in nature, and all spices are blended by the teaspoon.

This series is perfect for souvenirs or for home use, as a little spice will add color to your dining table.

Tatami coaster

While many aspects of Japanese culture were originally introduced from other countries such as China, tatami is the only culture that is unique to Japan. At first, tatami was a luxury item used only by people of high status as bedding, but it began to spread to the general public in earnest during the Edo period (1603-1868), and it was around this time that tatami craftsmen, who were responsible for everything from growing rushes to making tatami mats, were born. This NEO COFFEE BAR original Tatami coaster was made by Mr. Tomohisa Tarumoto, a third-generation craftsman in Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture. Please enjoy the unique aroma of rush grass and the tasteful Japanese culture of the handmade craftsmen.

About the Original Cup

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, this exquisite cup showcases the beauty of Mino ware, the country's renowned traditional craft. The vibrant colors and expertly executed techniques make each cup a unique work of art, perfect for elevating your everyday coffee or tea ritual. We hope you will appreciate the handmade craftsmanship of this extraordinary creation, brought to you by the collaboration of NEO COFFEE BAR and Mino Ware.

Mino ware, the most famous traditional craft in Japan, is mainly produced in Gifu Prefecture, and SAKUZAN pursues to make it fit in with daily life and to make it feel comfortable to use. The process of kneading, molding, drying, unglazing, glazing, and firing is all done with the utmost care and attention to detail to create beautiful vessels. The characteristics of his work are a combination of colorful modern design and old-fashioned traditional techniques, and he has made a special order for the NEO COFFE BAR. We hope you will enjoy the feeling of touch and the handmade craftsmanship of this product. 

Kamoshika Doguten

This cup is designed to maximize the flavor of beer. The unglazed material used to create the creamy foam inside allows you to enjoy the taste of beer even more. Kamoshika Tool Store, based in Mie Prefecture, has been manufacturing tableware and food-related utensils since long ago, and their mission is to bring happiness to the dining table with their gentle images. With a focus on convenience, this beer cup can also be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers.


Tsugaru Biidoro began as a glass factory in 1949 and was established in 1977 as a craft that combines special techniques with colored glass. Each piece is handmade with an emphasis on the four seasons of Japan, so that the people who use them will become attached to them. The NEBUTA sake cup was inspired by the fireworks that light up the finale of the Nebuta Festival, one of the three major festivals in the Tohoku region of Japan. The light shining through the glass creates a sparkling and colorful effect on the dining table. It was also selected for the Omotenashi Selection 2019 Gold Award in Japan.


This coffee dripper is made of Mino ware, which has its headquarters in Gifu Prefecture and boasts a 400-year history.

The pottery has good heat conductivity and is suitable for coffee extraction, making it ideal for dripping fine coffee.

The stylish origami-inspired appearance will decorate your coffee time.


With the theme of harmony between comfort and appearance, the KINTO TUMBLER is characterized by its comfort of use that blends in with the five senses and its beautiful design that adds color and depth while blending naturally into the space.

*available at all NEO locations. 


Designed and produced by a company located in Niigata Prefecture, where nature is abundant. The theme is to enhance the design and functionality for both outdoor and indoor use, and they have created a variety of types.

TSUBAME(Swallows), which come in spring, are known around the world as birds that bring happiness. It is a perfect name for a gift.


KALITA is a long-established Japanese company with a history of over 60 years as a manufacturer specializing in coffee utensils.

The traditional form of the dome mill has an appearance that looks good enough to be used as interior decoration. Its somewhat nostalgic shape was designed for the convenience of the user. The dome shape at the top makes it easy to put beans in, and the box shape at the bottom makes it easy to grind. The design also makes it easy to clean the powder left in the box in the drawer. The blade is also made of a long-lasting sharp material, and is recommended for those looking for an affordable hand mill.

Hario mini drip kettle - Kasuya Model

The Kasuya Model series was produced by Tetsu Kasuya, the winner of the World Brewers cup 2016. This mini drip kettle is suitable for coffee brewing based on the concept of easy and tasty coffee for everyone.